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Bioskin Zeoderm


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Key Info

  • Suitable for skin prone to Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Nourish, moisturise & soothe.
  • For face & body
  • 99% Natural Origin


Bioskin Zeoderm Repair Moisturiser is a natural skin therapy for those prone to more severe cases of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, urticaria and dry skin conditions.

Zeoderm is 99% natural and contains no steroids or harsh chemicals that will further irritate sensitive skins.

Unlike steroid creams, there is no limit to the number of times it can be applied, and it can be used on the face.

Bioskin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser is quickly absorbed, non sticky and penetrates the damaged skin deep down for maximum moisturisation. What helps to make Zeoderm so effective is the presence of natural minerals in a nano form, called ZeomaZ. ZeomaZ has been classified as a Medical Product Class 1 for skin and wound care.

A highly effective product for severely dry and eczema prone skin, without long-term worry. With Linseed to reduce redness and inflammation, Borage to help the skin retain moisture, and Zeolite for its ability to eliminate free radicals. Ideal for use when skin is particularly dry or cracked, it quickly relieves skin itching, and the patented ZeomaZ ingredient restores and rejuvenates the skin. With no known side effects, it is suitable for use during pregnancy.


One of the main active ingredients in Zeoderm are natural minerals patented as ZeomaZ. This has been classified as a Medical Product Class 1 for skin and wound care.

What is ZeomaZ?
ZeomaZ is formed from natural volcanic micro porous silicate minerals (Zeolites) and are non-allergenic and non-toxic. Zeoderm also contains silicate minerals. The presence of this vital mineral in Zeoderm is extremely beneficial for damaged, dry, inflamed and irritated skin.

Also included:
Linseed Oil
Borage Oil
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Geranium Oil
Rose Oil

Free From

Parabens and preservatives
Artificial colour and fragrance.

Available in either 50ml or 150ml sizes.


No known side effects.
Suitable for use during pregnancy / breast feeding.
Soothes & repairs.
Ideal for use when skin is particularly dry or cracked.
Patented ZeomaZ ingredient rejuvenates and restores skin.
Relieves Itching.
Calms the skin.
Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle.

To Use

1. Apply at least 3-4 times a day initially onto the affected areas.
2. Reduce this application frequency as the inflammation and symptoms subside.
3. When skin has returned to relative normality, continue using the product to top the skin up with Zeoderm's vital nutrients at least 2-3 times per week. This should keep the symptoms controlled.
4. Suitable for applying to the face and around the eyes. A tingling sensation may be experienced at first but this should subside quckly.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Salcura - Bioskin Zeoderm

" I find this cream incredible. "  GG, Cannock

" Bioskin Zeoderm is so wonderful for my skin, so I'm ordering another 2 "  VA, Banbury

" Bioskin cream is marvellous. "  RL, Leicester

" My husband uses the Zeoderm and it is absolutely fabulous. He has Psoriasis and it is just so good. "  P, Berkeley

" thank you for stocking such a brilliant product "  JRC, Leeds

" Find this product invaluable. "  GG, Cannock

" This has really made a difference to my dry skin leg, made skin smooth and stopped scanlines, nothing else has worked. "  AK, Redditch

" The best product we have tried for eczema "  JW, Frinton-On-Sea