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Crazy Rumors

Crazy Rumors

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Crazy Rumors - Lip Balm - French Vanilla

Lip Balm - French Vanilla

4.4ml wind-up tube

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Crazy Rumors

Crazy Rumors

  • Natural organic lip balms.
  • Fun flavors without the fake stuff.

Never oily, thin or waxy, just the perfect blend of clean, vegan/plant based and mostly organic ingredients. Our mouthwatering flavors are sourced from real food grade ingredients including plants, fruits and vegetables.

Handcrafted in small batches with Organic Shea Butter, skin soothing Jojoba Oil.

Packaged in recyclable BPA free containers.

Available in an awesome array of tasty flavours including: classic, fun and adventurous varieties!

We invite you to find your flavorite!

Free From

Synthetic flavors, GMM’s, parabens or gluten.

Certified Vegan.

These fresh balms are made in small batches in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.