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Sisal Dry Body Brush

by Opal London




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  • To exfoliate and stimulate.


To gently exfoliate, improve circulation and tone effectively - this beechwood handled body brush is the perfect choice.

The short, beechwood handle gives excellent control for firm sweeping motions to stimulate lymphatic drainage and tone the skin.


Sisal- a completely natural vegetable fibre, made from the leaves of the agave cactus. The thick leaves are crushed in a mangle, where rollers remove the moist fleshy outer husk, leaving long off-white fibres, which are bundled together then hung in the sun to dry.

The thickness and flexibility of the fibre depends upon the particular strain of the plant. Chinese sisal produces a softer fibre which is spun into the coarse yarn, used for knitted and woven exfoliating gloves, mitts, backstraps and softer sisal spa brushes.

Alternatively, the Mexican agave cactus produces a much firmer fibre, sometimes known as 'Mexican Fibre' which ideal for the stiff bristle needed to stimulate the skin during dry body brushing.

Overall length: 25cm Head diameter 8.5cm Bristle length: 2cm.

Opal London

Opal London

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