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Loofah Washing Up Pad

by Loofco


1 x pad




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  • Made from Loofah Plant.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Flexible.
  • Expands & softens in water.


Long-lasting, non-scratch washing-up pads made from Loofah plant - flexible, durable and traditional


Will last for months and at the end of its natural life can be composted.
Biodegradable & recyclable alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges.
Made from sustainable raw materials.
Vegan friendly.
Fits neatly in your hand.
Soak & remove baked-on food first for best results.


LoofCo products are skilfully hand-made in Egypt with sustainable natural plant fibres, mainly loofah and coconut and are the perfect alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, and sponges.
These great value durable products clean effectively and are inspired by designs that have been proven over generations.
Production methods support traditional skills, crops and cottage industries while ensuring fair wages.

Free From

100% Natural

To Use

When immersed in water ths pad will swell up and become a soft, spongy and flexible pad.
Use in warm water with washing up liquid.
Soft enough for non-stick pans, supple enough to fit into mugs.
After use squeeze out excess water and hang to dry from the cotton loop.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Loofco - Loofah Washing Up Pad

" I find the Loofah Washing Up Pads very useful. "  DB Sherborne



  • A Brush With Nature.

LoofCo is a unique range of pads, brushes & accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & personal care.
LoofCo products are made with sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut (Loofah + Coconut = LoofCo!).

LoofCo products are plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable and offer an effective alternative to plastic scourers, brushes, exfoliators and sponges

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