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Make-Up Sponge

by Benecos


1 x sponge




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  • Latex Free.
  • Vegan


Perfect for applying and blending foundations, powders and other complexion products around the contours of your face, giving an even, smooth and flawless gorgeous finish.
Use the flat edge of the make up sponge for around the eyes and nose, use the rounded sides for the rest of the face.


Easy to use.
Even, flawless complexion
Streak free complexion
Ideal for areas such as around eyes
Designed to easily hold the sponge
Super soft
Latex free
The sponge enlarges after wetting
Use damp
Suitable for vegans

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To Use

Wet the make up sponge until it is saturated, squeeze out excess water and use damp.
Place foundation on the back of your hand and dip the make up sponge into the foundation and dab onto your face.
Blend with a quick dabbing motion.


After use apply a little liquid hand soap to the make up sponge and rinse under warm water, squeeze excess water out and air dry.
Replace the make up sponge every 3 months.

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