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Wax Brow Shapers

by Surgi


28 applications




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  • Press on and remove.
  • For beautiful brows.
  • Easy, quick, effective.


Beautifully shaped brows made easy.

Safe and easy to apply, Brow Shapers are designed to save unnecessary hours of tweezing. Brow Shapers are pre-cut to fit almost any brow shape.

Simply place the strip into position, press on and peel off! Not only can Brow Shapers handle heavier brows, but also fine hairs that cannot be removed by tweezers to give you a more defined brow line. Brow Shapers are so simple to use, they're virtually goof-proof.


Contains 28 applications.

To Use

1. Remove back from Brow Shapers strip.
2. Apply strip onto unwanted brow hair, pressing firmly.
3. Peel off strip to remove unwanted hair.

Helpful Hints

Remove all make-up and oils from skin. Before removing the backing, hold the strip against brow to check length. Immediately after removing strip, apply gentle pressure to soothe skin.


  • The top selling hair removal products in the US.
  • Natural solutions using a blend of maple sugar & honey.
  • Both cream & wax are available.

Surgi have provided complete satisfaction and effectiveness to millions of customers since 1957.

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