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Anti -Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves

by Skin Benefits


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  • Take your hands out of hiding.
  • With Vitamin E, Macademia Butter & Grape Seed Oil.
  • Works in just 15minutes.


Hands will look younger with a spectacular improvement in both texture and appearance in just 15 minutes. Gloves are impregnated with vitamin E, Macadamia Butter and Grape Seed Oil.

Once applied body heat will activate the ingredients allowing them to penetrate the skin.

Ideal treatment for that special occasion or as a weekly treatment to maintain youthful hands.


Macademia Oil¬Grape Seed Oil

To Use

Wash hands thoroughly and dry¬ remove gloves from sachet and slide hands into the gloves.¬Leave for 15 minutes.¬Remove and massage in any residue.

Gloves can be re-used.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Skin Benefits - Anti -Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves

" Used myself and loved the results, now buying as a gift "  BM Kilmarnock

" Read the blurb really didnt think it would work either - but wow transformation - very pleased. "  BM Kilmarnock

"The Anti Aging Hand Treatment Gloves were amazing! My hands looked softer & younger than they had for years."  R.P.Newquay.

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