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Kneipp Calendula - Rosemary

Kneipp - Healthy Feet Foot Balm

Healthy Feet Foot Balm

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KP-31 | 75ml tube | Sold Out

75ml tube
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Kneipp - Calendula Healthy Feet Trio

Calendula Healthy Feet Trio

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Calendula - Rosemary Foot Care

  • Complete care for your feet.
  • Suitable for diabetics.

Sore, tired, overworked feet, dry and cracked skin, calluses, odour due to excessive sweating are all signals that feet are sending out to let you know they’ve simply had enough! Kneipp Foot Care uses the most natural and effective ingredients in this highly therapeutic, moisturizing and rejuvenating range.

With Rosemary and Calendula as the key ingredients in the collection along with natural oils, trace elements and minerals, the benefits range from improving circulation to reconditioning dry or cracked skin.

Rosemary invigorates, revitalizes and increases energy and blood circulation in tired feet.

Compliment this boost with the healing and moisturising benefits of Calendula and Shea Butter to repair stressed and dry feet.

Calendula, known to moisturise dry skin, replenishes the roughest areas to smooth the skin.

All products are free of preservatives and dyes. The treatments are also suitable for diabetics, as care of sensitive diabetic feet is especially important.