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PenetratingBalm Conditioning Leave-In Treatment

by Ellin Lavar Textures


118ml tube




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  • Helps minmize hair breakage.
  • With nourishing maracujá passion fruit seed oil.


"Always look your best. Be natural. Be comfortable. Be you."

Made with Maracujá an oil from the seeds of Brazil's Passion-Flower Fruit.

It helps regulate moisture on your hair and scalp, helping you look and feel your best.

Suitable For

Frizzy, uncontrollable hair.


Brazil Nut oil¬Pequi Fruit oil¬Cupuaçú Seed butter¬Maracujá Seed oil¬Purple Passion Flower seed oil¬Grape Seed oil

To Use

For daily moisture and manageability, cover your fingertips with a small amount (enough to cover a 5p piece), apply to dry hair, and style.

Also great when used as a tool for braiding and weaving.

Ellin Says

"My niece, Valerie, loves to wear her hair in braids, but it can take up to 2 or 3 hours to do them for her... and her mom just doesn't have the time. I asked Tony to create a product, that can help mothers and the stylists in my salon, to more easily braid hair. As an additional benefit, Tony made this product so that it can also be used as a super concentrated leave-in conditioning treatment for very coarse or dry hair." Ellin Lavar

Product Tip

For any woman who has spent hours braiding her daughter's hair apply this liberally and reduce the snagging, pulling and combing (and thus, the time) of creating a gorgeous braid or weave.¬Works great on long, extra coarse hair as a leave-in conditioner but a little goes a long way, use it sparingly and only on the ends!

Ellin Lavar Textures

Ellin Lavar Textures

  • Designed exclusively for those who struggle with hair that is coarse, curly, dry or frizzy.

Five botanicals are combined in each product at various levels depending on the benefit provided. In concentrated amounts they help smooth, soften, and provide moisture to naturally curly, wavy, or kinky hair.

Brazil Nut Oil, Pequi Oil, Cupuaçú Seed Butter, Maracuja Passion Fruit Emollient, Grape Seed Procyandins and Tocopherols.

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