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Palm Oil Tea Lights - Stress Reliever

by Synergies


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Fragrant 'Synergies' - De-Stress.

Welcome to the world of Synergies - a range of Aromatherapy and Home Fragrance products created with the modern lifestyle in mind.

This comprehensive range of Candles, Incense and Mini Massage products are formulated with fragrances based on combinations of Essential Oils, carefully blended for their mood enhancing properties.

Synergy (n): a combination of energies which work in harmony with each other, and whose power as a whole is greater than the sum of their constituent parts.

Relaxation Synergy - includes essential oils of Lavender & Orange.

De-Stress Synergy - includes essential oils of Geranium & Lemon.

Soothing Synergy - includes essential oils of Chamomile & Lavender.

Sensuality Synergy - includes essential oils of Patchouli & Ylang Ylang.

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