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No.2 Toning Gel

by Martha Hill




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  • For combination and normal to dry skin.
  • Pre-moisturising toner to refine and refresh.
  • Made in the UK.


A wonderfully refreshing, lightly astringent gel to tone, refine pores, and prepare skin for moisturising.

The cooling blend of witch hazel extract, a natural astringent, with soothing cucumber and natural sugars is easily absorbed and wonderfully cooling.


Cucumber.¬Witch Hazel.¬Allantoin.¬Glucose.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - No.2 Toning Gel

" still loving this product after more than 30 years "  JAM Southampton

" Martha's original four products are still the best. "  MI Walsall

" My daughter and I love the Toning Gel, it's a wonderful product. "  JA Abergavenny

"The Herbal Toning Gel is absolutely brilliant and my beautican can see a real improvement since I've used it."  M.T. Herts.

"Your Toning Gel is the best toner I've tried. Since discovering it I have used no other toner."  M.N. Swansea.

"Since using No 2 Toning Gel and No 3 Day Cream I've banished my dry and flaky skin for smooth and healthy looking. Thanks!"  D. Somerset.

Martha Hill Original Herbal

Original Herbal Skin Care Range.

Martha's original four products are unique in their formulation. They are formulated to work together to provide a daily balanced skin care programme. Originating from the late 1960's they are just as popular today.

Suitable for complexions that are:¬ * Normal to Dry.¬* Combination Skin.

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