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Balancing Herbal Bath - Lavender

by Kneipp


100ml glass bottle




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  • Helps combat fatigue.
  • With Eucalyptus and Camphor.
  • Highly concentrated.


Known for its balancing effects, this aroma intensive bath treatment helps to combat mental and physical fatigue.

Through the relaxing effect of the Lavender herb, it is most helpful when you feel nervous or tense which could be a symptom of our over-stressed and overly-busy lives.

The balancing effect of Lavender can also be very energising.


Lavender¬Camphor.¬Eucalyptus.¬ Dermatologically tested.

Free From

SLS.¬SLES.¬Parabens.¬Mineral Oil¬Silicone

To Use

This is a highly concentrated bath treatment.

Just add one capful to warm water.

Immerse yourself for 10 to 20 minutes.

Sufficient for 10 baths.

Kneipp Balancing LavenderKneipp Balancing Lavender

Balancing Lavender Range

  • Balancing, helps combat fatigue.
  • Kneipp works, naturally.
  • “Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health” (Sebastian Kneipp, 1821-1897)

Established in Bavaria in 1891, Kneipp has been manufacturing contemporary products for health and well-being- proven quality for generations.

Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized naturopathy in the 19th century and created a visionary concept of life. He closely linked together the elements water, plants, exercise, nutrition and balance.

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