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Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

by Zam-Buk


20g tin




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  • The great herbal balm - unequalled as an embrocation.


This original formulation will be recognised by many as a traditional balm to soothe painful chilblains. Now, after a long absence from our medicine chests, Zam-Buk is back.

Made exclusively in the UK, it is still packaged in an old-fashioned silver ointment tin.

The ointment contains Eucalyptus, Thyme and Pine resin combined with Beeswax and Camphor.

It has been used for decades as a useful embrocation to help soothe cuts, sores, bruises, sprains. chilblains and insect bites.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Zam-Buk - Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

" Looking forward to receiving a brilliant product, just finished my last original from the 60s! "  MG Pershore

" Great to be able to get Zambuk I am 75 and my parents used it on the children and family for all sorts of skin problems. Great stuff if only it was not quite so green-can be a bit messy to use. "  PL Uxbridge

" Everyone should have a tin of this! "  L.G Powick

" I thought you might be interested to know that Zam Buk was an ointment used in households in New Zealand & always used in my home until I left NZ in 1946. I've never seen it in Britain & will be interested to see if your product is the same as I remember?"  E.J. Woodbridge

"In my previous order I brought two tins of Zam Buk, but forgot to say how pleased I was to see this product 'ressurected' after many years - Thank you"  L.D. Welling.

"Zam-Buk Ointment, I can't believe it. My parents always had a tin in their bathroom cabinet. Great to see it back!"  M.M. Glasgow.

"Great to see Zam Buk back,in the original tin.When I was a small girl my parents had a shop,and always stocked and recommended it to everyone.I am now 93 years old and all I can say is that the price has changed rather alot.When we sold it in our shop it was 2 old pence a tin, HA HA! How things have changed over the years."  W.T.Cannock.

"A very effective product.I would recommend it entirely to anyone.I have used it since I was a child and now I am 80.Good to see it back on the line again"  G.F. Northumberland.

" This antiseptic ointment was used by both my parents (mum now 87) and by my grandmother! Its fantastic, hope they produce it for evermore! If you have never tried it you must!"  J.W. Derby



  • The great herbal embrocation.
  • Always keep a tin handy.

Zam-Buk is a highly acclaimed traditional embrocation with a multitude of uses.

Zam-Buk first appeared on chemists shelves in Great Britain in 1903 in a time before antibiotics, and was an important first–aid medicine for any cuts or abrasions of the skin preventing infection.

Take a step back into the Victorian era and Zam-Buk was every where, painted on the side of buildings, in newspaper adverts and dotted around households in the UK.

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