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Montmorency Cherry Juice

by Optima


500ml bottle




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  • Super Concentrated Sour Cherry Juice.
  • Natural juice concentrate.


Only the highest qua;ity Montmorency cherries are used to produce this drink.

These cherries are from the lighter 'amarelle' prunus cerasus variety and have a tart flavour.

This great tasting juice is naturally preserved to maintain the integrity of the product.

The rich nutritious content of the Montmorency cherry means this fruit is associated with the term 'super food'.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional info per 100ml

Energy - 1104kj/260kcal
Protein - 1.5g
Carbohydrate - 63.0g of which sugars - 39.9g
Fat - 0.2g of which Saturates - 0.1g
Fibre - 0.0g
Sodium - 0.02g

Free From

Artificial flavouring
Artificial colour
Added sugar


Sour cherries are a good dietary source of plant flavonoids known as anthocyanins; phytonutrients found in dark coloured fruit.

May help:
Muscular recovery
Healthy joints
Restorative sleep
Cardiovascular health
Normal Uric Acid levels.

To Use

Can be taken directly from the bottle (30ml serving.
If preferred can be diluted to taste or added to smoothies, yoghurts or sports recovery drinks.

Each 30ml serving contains Cherry Juice Concentrate equivalent to Prunus Cerasus Juice 190,000mg.

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Refrigerate after opening and consume within two months.

Cherry juice is a natural product and may vary in taste, colour and consistency from batch to batch. This does not affect the quality or efficacy of the juice.

About Montmorency Cherries

This variety of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) is grown in the USA, Canada and France. They are part of the lighter red Amarelle cultivar of sour cherries and the state of Michigan produces over 90,000 tons of Montmorency cherries each year.

The tree was named for Montmorency, a valley in France and the tree produces large red fruit and has been cultivated in the United States since the early 20th century.

Apart from their culinary uses in pies and jams Montmorency cherries are now classed as a 'superfruit' and promoted as a health food.
They are marketed in both dried form and as a concentrated juice.

Health Benefits Research

Researchers are currently exploring the benefits of 'superfruits' a unique group of nutrient rich fruits that contain compounds shown to have potential health promoting properties.
One of these, the Montmorency Cherry falls into this category and is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients including melatonin and anthocyanins, all of which have been linked to a variety of health benefits.

Drinking cherry juice has been shown to help lower blood uric-acid levels and reduce gout pain. The powerful anthocyanins in cherries reduce inflammation to ease joint pain as well as the effects of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It works by helping to dissolve the crystals of urate which can form around the joints and kidneys.

Drinking just one glass of tart cherry juice per day can slow the ageing process according to scientists from Michigan State University. They discovered that the Montmorency cherry has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit with 17 different antioxidant compounds present. Antioxidants are vital to helping the body to fight free radicals which makes us look old. Cherry juice is also recommended as an alternative treatment for other skin conditions including acne, rosacea and vulgaris. The juice is rich in vitamin A and its antibacterial properties remove toxins from the blood and fight bacteria trapped under the skin.

Research has found that the anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries significantly reduces muscle pain following rigorous exercise. Recent research from London South Bank University also showed that after drinking cherry juice, athletes returned to 90 per cent of normal muscle force in 24 hours.

Cherry juice can help you sleep an extra 25 minutes a night, a study has found. The research also found that people who regularly consume cherry juice have improved quality of sleep. Researchers found that Montmorency cherry juice significantly increases the levels of melatonin in the body, the hormone which regulates sleep. Their findings could benefit those who have difficulty sleeping due to insomnia, shift work or jet lag.

Our Tester

After a week of regular dosage there is definite relief from painful knees - and also love the refreshing taste.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Optima - Montmorency Cherry Juice

" I've just discovered the sleep benefits of the cherry juice, ill certainly be recommending it. ** "  MF Glasgow

" I do like the Cherry Juice, it's lovely. "  JS Bromsgrove

" This is absolutely marvellous for gaut in the foot. "  JH Hayling Island

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