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Back Comfort Herbal Bath - Devils Claw

by Kneipp


100ml glass bottle




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  • Beneficial & relaxing for the back, shoulders & neck.


Magically soothes and releases the tension in your neck, back and shoulders. It contains extracts of the Devils Claw plant native to Southern Africa, which is recognised for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for comforting the body.

With Cajeput oil to help relax muscles plus soothing peppermint and calming lavender.


Devils Claw¬Cajeput¬Lavender¬Peppermint¬Glycerin

Free From

SLS¬ SLES¬ Parabens¬ Mineral Oil¬ Paraffin¬ Silicone

To Use

Fill tub, add 1 capful of Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Rescue Bath and mix gently. Rinse cap after use.

For Approx. 10 baths.

Water temperature should be between 97-100F / 36-38C.

Bathing time 15-20 minutes.



  • "Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health." - Sebastian Kneipp.~
  • Kneipp works, naturally.

At Kneipp, quality is all-important. The products, which are left in as natural a state as possible, are manufactured with the greatest of care, not unlike prescription medicines.

The extraordinarily high standard of quality of Kneipp products is based on painstaking composition of the ingredients, the scientifically proven efficacy of the formulas and naturopathic and pharmaceutical experience and knowledge that has been passed on for generations.

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