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Coconut Water Hydrating Tonic Mist

by Fruitique


200ml spray bottle




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  • Refresh.
  • With Calendula, Chamomile & Cucumber.


This refreshing mist helps to rapidly restore moisture balance in the surface layers of the skin.

Use throughout the day for additional hydration.


Coconut Water¬Cucumber¬Apple¬Calendula¬Chamomile

Free From

Parabens¬Mineral Oil¬Alcohol¬Artificial Colour

To Use

After cleansing, mist skin before application of moisturizer or treatment product.¬Reapply as needed to replenish moisture and refresh skin.

Coconut Water Hydrating Skincare

  • Hydration never tasted so good on your skin.
  • Discover the hydrating power of Coconut Water.

Coconut Water is described as "Dew from the Heavens", as it's known for the health benefits provided from key nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium and potassium.

Coconut Water is very beneficial to the skin as it hydrates, controls excessive oil and maintains skin elasticity.

In addition, Coconut Water contains kinetin, a naturally soothing antioxidant which is excellent for sensitive skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

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