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Uni-Fresh Air Freshener - Parsley

by Earth Friendly Products


130ml spray bottle




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Citrus LemongrassLavenderCinnamonVanilla
  • A natural non-aerosol formula made from essential oils.
  • Refresh and enhance your personal air space.
  • Now in five delicious fragrances.


Earth friendly air fresheners are an eco-friendly way to keep your home smelling sweet. Their unique properties are derived from essential oils that refresh and enhanceremoving unpleasant odours.

Made using plant derived ingredients and essential oils, their all-natural fragrances are truly sensational and are also highly concentrated - so a little goes a long way, giving you great value for money.

To Use

Use to neutralize any unpleasant odours.¬ Ideal for use in homes, at work, school, kennels, campers and boats.¬ Spray into kennels, cages and stables.¬ Safe to use in baby’s nursery; spray into diaper pail.¬ Use in the kitchen, bathroom or any room that needs freshening.¬ Great for refreshing and enhancing your personal air space.

Available Fragrances

Vanilla - A delicious aroma reminiscent of summer holidays and ice cream. Sweetly fragrant and romantic.¬Parsley - Wonderfully fresh and clean this is the perfect fragrance for the kitchen. It instantly eliminates stale or strong cooking smells, even chip fat and garlic!¬Citrus Lemongrass - A reviving, cleansing and vibrant fragrance. Sunny and warm, great for bathrooms, kitchens and also effectively eliminates stale odours.¬Lavender - A traditional calming fragrance perfect for the bedroom and living areas to create a feeling of calm tranquility. It will help to soothe and relax and also eliminate any stale odours.¬Cinnamon - Warm, spicy and mouthwatering - a welcoming, warming fragrance suggesting freshly baked cakes and mulled wine. Perfect for the kitchen or hallways to welcome family and friends.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Earth Friendly Products - Uni-Fresh Air Freshener - Parsley

" Love cinnamon as an air freshener, use it at home and at office because it is very calming. "  JG Bushmills

" Very good device and smells good, nice! "  AL Dunblane

" Excellent service yet again! This is the second time I have purchased this item from this seller, I would recommend and I will continue to use this seller. Many thanks again "  JH Carlisle

" Truly brilliant product! "  JG Louth

" Lovely smelling spray which dissipates odours just as well as the other aerosols on the market with no propellant. Have tried the Lemongrass and it is a very pleasant fragrance too. "  

" Do like your products, particularly the air freshener. "  GJ Nottingham

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