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Rotorua Mud Night Crème

by Wild Ferns New Zealand Rotorua Mud


95g jar




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  • With Lavender & Passionflower.


Enriched with the thermal mud from the volcanically active region of Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island and rich in minerals such as silica, magnesium, aluminium, zinc, calcium, titanium, iron, sulphur, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Silica, aluminium and zinc may help in the repair of skin and scar tissue, while the sulphur acts as an antiseptic.
Rotorua Mud is also highly absorbent and penetrates deeply to nourish the skin .
Added lavender and passionflower with soothing essential oils make you drift off to sleep and help to rejuvenate, detoxify and nourish your skin.


Rotorua Mud
Sweet Almond Oil
Lavender Oil
Passionflower Extract

Free From

NO mineral oil, Paraben free, Allergen free perfume.

To Use

Gently smooth in an upward direction on to the face and neck. Use nightly.

New Zealand Rotorua Mud

In Rotorua the inner heat of the earth has found its way to the surface bringing with it Rotorua's earth magic - geothermal mud. Rich in rejuvenating minerals this mud has natural cleansing, antiseptic, healing and rebalancing properties.

The thermal mud used in all the skincare products is firstly obtained from the hot mud pools in Rotorua. The mud is sterilised, then refined to remove any foreign matter such as volcanic ash residue, while ensuring all the mineral and trace elements are left to benefit this highly therapeutic mud. After this it is then ready for inclusion in this range of quality products.

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