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Collagen Body Butter

by SBC


450ml jar




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  • Moisturising & hydrating.
  • With passion flower & shea butter.


An intense, velvety body butter that hydrates and moisturises with its rich infusion of nourishing Shea Butter, vitamin-rich Kukui Seed Oil and exotic Passion Flower Oil. This rich but non greasy butter will smooth, brighten and leave your skin beautifully soft and fragrant.

Recommended for mature, dry, dull and dehydrated skin types for a fresh and vibrant appearance.


Pseudo Collagen - natural yeast extract, stimulating, improves cell vitality.

Passion Flower Oil - anti-inflammatory, nourishing, hydrating, anti-ageing, soothing, calming, good for anxiety.

Kukui Seed Oil - tropical nut oil, rich in essential fatty acids, mature skin, moisturising, hydrating, anti-ageing, revitalising.

Shea Butter - Nourishing, healing, protecting, moisturising, soothing, promotes cell renewal, improves skin tone.


A natural moisturising body balm which combines luxury with effectiveness.

- Vitamin rich.

- Hydrates and moisturises your skin.

- Aromatic leaving your skin lightly fragranced.

- Suitable for all members of the family.

- Rich but non greasy butter.

- Helps to soothe, hydrate and repair dry, dehydrated or mature skin types.

- Reveals a fresh and vibrant appearance.

To Use

Apply daily to the entire body after bathing or showering.
Massage until absorbed.

Comments & Customer Reviews

SBC - Collagen Body Butter

" Fab body butter would recommend it! "  SH Colchester

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