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Original Body Talc

by Martha Hill


100g shaker




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  • Light, floral fragrance.
  • A refined, light powder.


This ultra fine, lightly fragranced talcum powder is made from pure, natural talc and lightly scented with a light floral fragrance.

Cosmetic talc is a finely powdered mineral and this forms a soft barrier between the skin and clothing helping to reduce irritation caused by friction and because it will absorb excess moisture it's great for after a bath or shower.

Free From

Parabens preservative.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Original Body Talc

"Orginal Body Talc is so pleasant to use. Quite the best talc I have ever had."  J.B. Bates

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  • Original herbal bath care.
  • Fragranced only with pure essential oils.

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