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Parsley Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner

by Earth Friendly Products


500ml spray bottle




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  • With Natural Parsley.
  • Ready to use on work surfaces and appliances.
  • Environment friendly, plant based cleaning.


Bring the wonderful fresh herb smell of parsley into your home. This versatile natural surface cleaner is perfect for cleaning all kitchen and hard surface areas around the home, leaving a fresh clean fragrance.

Formulated to be truly pure, green and effective cleaner Parsley Plus is safe to use on any washable surface such as oven tops, hoods, work surfaces, refrigerators, walls, tiles and sinks.


Parsley Essence¬Natural Coconut derived surfactant¬

Free From

Formaldehyde¬Petrochemicals¬GMO's¬Phosphates¬Chlorine¬Ammonia¬Non-ionic surfactants¬100% biodegradable¬pH neutral¬Septic tank safe¬Greywater system safe¬ Ammonia-free; glycol and glycol ether-free.¬


Neutral pH (7-8); very gentle on skin, rarely causes irritations in customers with skin sensitivities/allergies.¬ Free of harsh fumes or vapors.¬ Leaves no toxic residue on surfaces cleaned unlike other all purpose cleaners; leaves no residue period.¬ Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural.¬ Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients.¬ Naturally fresh.¬Cleans effectively.

To Use

Spray directly onto the surface and then wipe over with a lint free cloth or sponge. repeat as necessary. Great for use on countertops, ovens, appliances, sinks, walls, floors, ceramic tiles.¬ Can use on painted surfaces, vinyl, linoleum, metal, porcelain.¬

Our Tester

"I use this for all over cleaning and it cuts through grease and muddy splashes! Great for general cleaning and leaves a really natural fresh smell - even gets rid of the smell of garlic and fried food."

Comments & Customer Reviews

Earth Friendly Products - Parsley Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner

" This came this morning I started using it on counter-tops just to see how it smelt afterwards it was fresh and not off putting like some smells are. I am using 2 other products from this range. "  GS Aylesbury

" I love this parsley kitchen cleaner- it makes the kitchen smell wonderful. Am glad you sell it. "  LB Ely

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