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Lime & Sage Blossom Cooling Day Cream

by Cupcake Organic


30ml glass jar




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  • Fragrant flower cream with Sandalwood, Juniper Berry and Grapefruit.
  • Super cooling and hydrating.
  • Lightly absorbed to soften oily or problem skin.


This light, non oily cream is easily absorbed into skin for the smoothest skin tone and all day hydration.

The freshly fragrant cream with Lime Blossom, Sage & Green Mandarin will gently cool and soften and is presented in a beautiful green glass jar.


Lime blossom - Clears Impurities.¬ Grapefruit - Refreshes Oily Skin.¬ Green mandarin - Natural Toner.¬ Sage oil - Youthful skin remedy.¬ Aloe vera - Moisturises and Softens.¬ Lemon grass - Skin Revitaliser.¬ Sandalwood - Fragrant Healing Balsam.¬ Juniper berry - Woody Scented Cleanser.¬99% of ingredients of natural origin.¬75.2% of ingredients from Organic Farming.¬Natural and Organic certified by ECOCERT.

To Use

Apply daily to cleansed skin.

Cupcake Organic

Cupcake Organic

  • Divine skincare.

Elegant organic skincare products that not only awaken the senses, but add a style and sophistication all their own through their elegant and whimsical cupcake packaging.

These beautifully packaged products use only the best quality Organic ingredients that smell and feel divine and are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

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