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Life-flo Magnesium

Life-flo - Magnesium Body Wash

New  Magnesium Body Wash

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473ml bottle
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Life-flo - Magnesium Lotion

New  Magnesium Lotion

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LF-728 | 237ml bottle | £ 9.50 | Add to Basket

237ml bottle
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Magnesium Range

  • Highly concentrated.
  • Magnesium sourced from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed.

Magnesium was first discovered outside the Greek city of Magnesia. In ancient times, it was used as a natural cure in the form of Epsom salts and as a laxative.
Applying magnesium to the skin is a fantastic way to complement your dietary intake of this essential mineral.


Those with aches and pains caused by inflammation, sore joints, arthritis or even post-workout soreness should give topically applied magnesium a go. It’s the most efficient way to deliver the mineral to the site of pain, so that it can quickly relieve muscle pain, cramps and fatigue; reduce inflammation; and encourage regeneration of tissues.

Regularly applying a lotion, or other topical magnesium formula, can even increase flexibility, strength and endurance.