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HennaPlus Semi-Permanent

HennaPlus - Colour Refresher Shampoo

Colour Refresher Shampoo

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HS-2102 | Hazelnut | Sold Out

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HS-2106 | Mocha Brown | Sold Out

Mocha Brown
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HS-2111 | Silver | Sold Out

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HS-2104 | Warm Red | Sold Out

Warm Red
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HennaPlus - Men's Own

Men's Own

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HS-4005 | Black | Sold Out

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HS-4001 | Dark Blond | Sold Out

Dark Blond
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HS-4004 | Dark Brown | Sold Out

Dark Brown
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HS-4002 | Light Brown | Sold Out

Light Brown
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HS-4000 | Medium Blond | Sold Out

Medium Blond
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HS-4003 | Medium Brown | Sold Out

Medium Brown
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Semi Permanent, Temporary Hair Colour

  • Enjoy your brand new hair colour even longer!
  • With 8 certified organic ingredients plus Panthenol and Biotin.

Hennaplus Colour Cream is the ultimate temporary hair colour, without ammonia or peroxide.

It lasts 8 – 10 washes and is based on the Hairwonder Hair Repair Cream.

Colour Cream colours, repairs and cares for your hair in one single treatment. The hair can be coloured at the same colour level or up to 1 shade darker (not lighter), offering a limited grey coverage for the first grey hairs.

Especially suitable in case of a sensitive scalp and/ or damaged hair.

The unique care and gloss formula is enriched with 8 certified organic ingredients, Panthenol and Biotin. Panthenol conditions and strengthens the hair, while Biotin (Vitamin H) effectively thickens the hair, reducing hair breakage and hair loss. Oryzanol is a natural UV-filter that helps to protect the hair colour against UV radiation.