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Ambient Perfume - Cedarwood

by Encens d'Auroville


10ml glass bottle




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LemongrassOrange & Cinnamon
  • Concentrated fragrance with natural essential oils.
  • Available in four blends.
  • Perfect for refreshing 'Leaves In Wood'.


Add a unique dimension to your rooms with these ambient perfumes. With a high percentage of natural essential oils these perfumes will create a welcome environment in any surrounding.

Presented in an amber glass stopper bottle.

To Use

Use them in a diffuser with water.

Drops of these can also renew the fragrances of the Leaves in Woods and restore their freshness.

Four Blends

Cedarwood. - cool and woody.
Lemongrass. - fresh and reviving.
Orange & Cinnamon. - warm and spicy.

Encens d'Auroville

  • Hand made room fragrancers.
  • Naturally fragranced with essential oils.
  • Made in Auroville, India.

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