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Perio Sticks - Thin

by Dr Tung's


80 sticks in a tin




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  • Plaque removers.
  • Eco-certified nordic birch.
  • Tapered, anatomical profile.


Perio Sticks fit comfortably between teeth, help to stimulate gums, and effectively remove plaque and food particles.
Professionally designed for efficacy and comfort with a slim, tapered profile


Eco-certified Nordic birch
Tapered, anatomical profile
Naturally biodegradable
No added dyes or flavourings

To Use

Moisten stick in mouth before use.
Use with flat narrow side against gums.
Gently move stick back and forth between teeth.


Contents: 80 thin sticks in a handy, pocket sized, re-usable tin.
Product of Scandinavia

Dr Tung's

Dr Tung's

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