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Rose Mist Facial Spray

by Skin Revivals


30ml bottle




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end of April

  • Keep cool this summer with this refreshing Facial Mist.
  • Suits all skin types.


Naturally fragranced with Rosa Damascena Floral Water and Witch Hazel, this refreshing mist rehydrates and maintains moisture balance.

Its soothing active ingredients help reduce irritation and leave skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable.

Use as a toner or an instant hydration booster.

Makes skin feel hydrated and 'alive' after cleansing.

Use as a revitalising skin freshener at any time during the day.

Keep in the fridge to use as a cooling mist in the summer.

Provides instant hydration in air-conditioned environments.

The perfect accessory to cool and refresh when flying.


Artificial Colour.

To Use

Hold a short distance from face and lightly spritz with eyes closed.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Additional Information

About Rosa Damascena Oil:
Rose extract and Rose oil have a host of beneficial effects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with even skin tone and elasticity. This volatile oil is obtained from the flowers of the Damask Rose. It has excellent emollient and hydrating properties and helps the skin to stay soft and moisturised. It is also mildly stimulating and ideal for helping to maintain a soft, dewy and youthful complexion. It is very helpful in reducing broken capillaries and thread veins, as well as boosting poor circulation. This results in a more evenly colored complexion, that is well toned and healthy looking.

About Witch Hazel:
It has a long history of use primarily to treat inflammations, bites, stings and skin sores and bruising. The extract acts as an astringent, firming and tightening tissue and helping reduce itching and irritation.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Skin Revivals - Rose Mist Facial Spray

" This bottle is the perfect size to fit into your handbag and apply additional moisture to your face throughout the day, especially over summer. This would be a great product to apply if you work in an office with air conditioning and the rose scent will help to keep to calm and collected. "  Blog CSI

" A gift for my friend - every summer handbag should have one of these "  JG Leicester

Skin Revivals

Skin Revivals

Skin Revivals.

  • Advanced Natural Formula Skin Care.
  • Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2009 Winner - Best Value Skin Care Range.

A collection of advanced formula products to provide everything you need in your daily skin care regime.
These products all contain a high percentage of Organically Certified ingredients including Rosehip Oil & White Tip Tea.

Fragranced only with natural oils: Ylang Ylang to calm and relax; Rose to soothe; Frankincense to restore balance; Jasmine naturally soothing; Mandarin to refresh.

Suitable for all complexions including:
*Those in need of TLC.
* De-Hydrated.
* Maturing.

No Artificial Colour, no Artificial Fragrance, no Parabens Preservative, no Primary Petro-Chemicals.

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