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Lavender Skincare Gel

by SBC




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  • Calming & Relaxing.
  • Recommended for stressed skin.


A calming skincare gel enriched with Lavender, renowned for relaxing the mind and body, and cooling Witch Hazel.

Ease dry, stressed and problematic skin with this exceptionally soothing and wonderfully therapeutic face and body moisturiser.


Lavender Extract: calming, warming, relaxing, uplifting.
Witch Hazel Extract: calming, reduces aggravation.

Free From

Mineral Oil
Artificial Fragrance


A non-sticky, water-based gel
Relief for sensitivity or burns
Soothing for stressed skin
Great for helping control acne
Relaxing and calming
Anti-redness properties
Cooling moisturiser
Restores a feeling of calm before sleep

To Use

Smooth over the face and body as a moisturiser, paying particular attention to areas of concern.
To aid relaxation and promote restful sleep, massage into skin before bedtime.
Apply as often as necessary.

This product contains essential oils and should be used at your discretion during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

Face Care Gels

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SBC's specialised Facial Care Collection is designed to provide you with a complete daily skincare routine, from cleansing to exfoliating, daily moisturising to eye care.

Rich in select plant extracts and tailored for all skin concerns, this essential face care assortment will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, refined and protected.

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