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Natural Bugbuster Insect Repellent

by Napiers


100ml tube




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end of January

  • Organic Bugbuster Cream.
  • A natural, gentle insect repellent.
  • Tested on the Scottish midge.
  • 83% organic.


To protect you from insects and soothe any bites.

Napiers lovely organic bugbuster skin cream contains an essential oil blend that has been tested against the renowned Scottish midge, as well as more exotic mosquitoes and gnats!

It contains essential oils of Citronella, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus as these plants have natural insect repellent qualities - they don't like insects any more than we do!

And mindful of the fact that summer skins are often sunburned, and young skins are sensitive, we have also added soothing Chickweed oil and cooling Aloe Vera.


Shea Butter.
Sunflower seed oil.
Citronella oil.
Aloe Vera leaf extract.
Chickweed extract.
Lavender flower oil.
Peppermint oil.
Eucalyptus leaf oil.

To Use

Apply liberally to exposed skin when in areas where biting insects are known to be a problem.
Reapply several times a day and after bathing or swimming.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Napiers - Natural Bugbuster Insect Repellent

"Your Bugbuster really works,thank you."  C. M. Aldershot


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