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Life-flo - Magnesium Lotion

New  Magnesium Lotion

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LF-728 | 237ml bottle | £ 9.50 | Add to Basket

237ml bottle
£ 9.50 | Add to Basket

Life-flo - Magnesium Body Wash

New  Magnesium Body Wash

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LF-084 | 473ml bottle | £ 9.50 | Out of Stock

473ml bottle
£ 9.50 | Out of Stock



  • Natural products.

Founded in 1995, Life-flo provides you with the most advance natural products available.
They incorporate time-tested formulas with the latest discoveries and scientific advances to provide natural, scientifically formulated products.


Scientifically formulated
Natural, free of harsh chemicals (parabens), artificial colors and artificial fragrances.
Developed utilizing the latest research and cutting-edge technology.
Manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility.
Include select certified organic ingredients.
Eco-friendly and cruelty-free.
Packaged with consciousness: select creams use airtight, hygienically sealed pre-measured pumps.