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Longcils Boncza Concealers

Longcils Boncza - Hydra Cover

Hydra Cover

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Green *
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Longcils Boncza - Correct'Eclat Concealer

Correct'Eclat Concealer

Longcils Boncza | more info....

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LB-5500 | Ivory Rose | Sold Out

Ivory Rose
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Longcils Boncza

Longcils Boncza

  • By Vitry.

Original French cosmetics synonymous with 1950's Hollywood starlets.

Specialists in eye make-up. Created to serve the highly sophisticated and demanding needs of professional make-up artists.

Docteur Boncza

Created in 1950 by Docteur Boncza for makeup artists of the cinema and the theatre, Longcils Boncza is the premier specialist of eye make-up line with the "mythic" Cake mascara - the first mascara in the world used by international stars.

Professional Makeup

Today, more than ever, Longcils Boncza is dedicated to professional makeup, developing original concepts in beauty with new generations of spectacularly effective beauty products for eyes, lips and skin ...the saga continues... for the beauty of women.