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HennaPlus - Colour Mousse

Colour Mousse

HennaPlus|75ml pump bottle|more info....

HS-6103|Auburn 4.56| 6.50|Add to Basket

HS-6104|Brown 4| 6.50|Add to Basket

HS-6105|Burgundy 3.67| 6.50|Add to Basket

HS-6100|Golden Blond 8.3| 6.50|Add to Basket

HS-6101|Hazelnut 6.35| 6.50|Add to Basket

HS-6102|Mahogany 6.45| 6.50|Add to Basket

HennaPlus - Colour Cream

Colour Cream

HennaPlus|60ml tube|more info....

HS-8304|Auburn 4.56| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8297|Black 1| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8305|Brown 4| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8307|Burgundy 3.67| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8298|Chocolate Brown 5.35| 8.50|Out of Stock

HS-8299|Cinnamon 7.38| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8296|Dark Brown 3| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8300|Golden Blond 8.3| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8301|Hazelnut 6.35| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8302|Mahogany 6.45| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8306|Mocha Brown 4.03| 8.50|Add to Basket

HS-8303|Warm Red 5.6| 8.50|Add to Basket

HennaPlus - Colour Boost Shampoo

Colour Boost Shampoo

HennaPlus|200ml pump bottle|more info....

HS-1509|Black| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1505|Brown| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1503|Copper| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1504|Red| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1507|Red Brown| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1501|Silver| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1502|Warm Blond| 12.00|Add to Basket

HS-1506|Warm Brown| 12.00|Add to Basket

HennaPlus - Long Lasting Colour

Long Lasting Colour

HennaPlus|100ml net|more info....

HS-9149|Auburn 4.56| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9153|Black 1 *| 10.00 | 7.50|Add to Basket

HS-9158|Brilliant Bronze 6.43| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9151|Burgundy 3.67| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9156|Cafe Latte 7.54| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9144|Chocolate Brown 5.35| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9154|Cinnamon 7.38| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9135|Copper Blonde 8.4| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9141|Copper Mahogany 6.45| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9138|Copper Red 7.46| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9139|Dark Blond 6| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9150|Dark Brown 3| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9162|Dark Copper Brown 3.44| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9155|Espresso 3.37| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9140|Hazelnut 6.35| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9146|Henna Red 5.64| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9131|High Light Blond 10| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9159|Indian Summer 5.4| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9133|Light Blond 8| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9143|Light Brown 5| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9134|Light Golden Blond 8.3| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9145|Light Golden Brown 5.3| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9132|Light Silver Blond 10.01| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9142|Mahogany 5.5| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9136|Medium Blond 7| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9161|Medium Brown 4| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9137|Medium Golden Blond 7.3| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9148|Mocha Brown 4.03| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9157|Purple Dream 6.67| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9147|Red Violet Brown 4.67| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9152|Reddish Black 2.66| 10.00|Add to Basket

HS-9160|Warm Brown 4.45| 10.00|Add to Basket

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HennaPlus - Colour Powder

Colour Powder

HennaPlus|100g sachet|more info....

HS-7056|Auburn 56| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7057|Dark Brown 57| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7050|Golden Blond 50| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7051|Hazelnut 51| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7052|Mahogany 52| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7054|Red 54| 5.79|Add to Basket

HS-7055|Super Red 55| 5.79|Add to Basket

HennaPlus - Colour Creations - Colour Fix Sachets

Colour Creations - Colour Fix Sachets

HennaPlus|more info....

HS-3103|12 x 20ml sachet| 6.50|Add to Basket

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  • Genuine natural hair care.
  • Premium quality from Holland.

Based on colourless henna and botanical herbs.

About Henna

The leaves of the Henna bush are harvested twice a year, in spring and in autumn. It is widely believed that Henna can only be used for colouring the hair but in fact the opposite is true. Henna is best known for its excellent caring and nourishing qualities providing a wonderful glossy shine.

* Henna harvested in spring and specifically from bushes that are over ten years old is completely colourless. It is this Henna that is used in the HennaPlus range to nourish and repair.

* Henna harvested in autumn contains the colouring pigments used in traditional henna dyes and powders.