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Giovanni Natural Styling

Giovanni - Natural Mousse Hair Styling Foam

Natural Mousse Hair Styling Foam

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GV-4146 | 207ml pump bottle | £ 8.99 | Add to Basket

207ml pump bottle
£ 8.99 | Add to Basket

Giovanni - L.A. Natural Styling Gel

L.A. Natural Styling Gel

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GV-4143 | 200ml tube | £ 8.99 | Add to Basket

200ml tube
£ 8.99 | Add to Basket

GV-4523 | 60ml tube | £ 2.50 | Add to Basket

60ml tube
£ 2.50 | Add to Basket

Giovanni - More Body Hair Thickener

More Body Hair Thickener

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GV-4142 | 200ml tube | £ 8.99 | Add to Basket

200ml tube
£ 8.99 | Add to Basket


Eco Chic Hair Styling Technology

  • Certified Organic Ingredients.

The elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water represent a unique combination of certified Organic Botanicals and incredible style.

With Giovanni, you have a select range of treatments and styling products to help style, shape and maintain your style all day.

This family owned company are committed to creating only the purest formulations, packaged in the most original bottles.

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USDA Certified
Leaping Bunny Certified